The ground water that supplies most wells, ponds or other sources of water often contain high amounts of bacteria, pesticides, organic waste, metals, PCB's and dioxins, as well as other dangerous contaminants. Most of these are odorless, taste free and invisible to the naked eye.

The problem facing rural homeowners and farmers, in obtaining clean water for everyday living, are overwhelming. Environmental scientists have linked water contamination to many health hazards, including increases of certain types of cancer, the proliferation of birth defects and other major health problems.

While absolutely pure water is a myth (see diagram), there is now, thanks to intense research and technology, a proven system designed to drastically reduce the hazards found in common ground water, the source of most rural untreated water supplies.

GLACIER CLEAR is dedicated to solving the water problems that continue to plague rural homeowners and farmers. GLACIER CLEAR has developed an effective and economical modular rural water treatment system for troublesome, untreated water sources. Since no two water problems in rural areas are alike, GLACIER CLEAR engineers, can design a water treatment system for your specific needs - an effective GLACIER CLEAR system tailored and engineered to satisfy you individual water problems at a price you can afford.

Even some existing inefficient filter systems or water softeners, (water-softening systems in themselves are not effective in making water microbiologically safe), can be, in many cases, upgraded and integrated into a modern "State of the Art" safe water treatment system by GLACIER CLEAR specialists.


Bathing in some contaminated groundwater may be more hazardous than drinking the toxic brew. A study done for the American Chemical Society found that families can take in from six to 100 times more toxic chemicals by breathing the air around showers, baths, washing machines and the kitchen sink then by drinking the contaminated water directly. The hotter the water, the more the contaminant is likely to be vaporized and inhaled. To make matters worse, groundwater contaminants such as pesticides, solvents and gasoline additives can be absorbed directly through the skin. This makes water contaminated with certian types of pollutions completly unusable, unless treated.

Now, with a Glacier Clear System, designed for you, your family can enjoy clean, healthy water for pennies a day. Your only commitment is to acknowledge your water problem and its potential hazards to you and your family's health and well-being.

Let a Glacier Clear representative test your home water supply. He will measure for turbidity, hardness, iron content, acidity and other factors that cause "problem water". For your family's sake, we invite you to take action without delay. There is a practical and affordable system to meet every budget.

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