Purification/Filter Systems

The Two Stage Mainline Filter

The Glacier Clear Water Purification System is a unique, two stage, mainline system. (patent pending). What this means to you, is that your entire house is supplied through the same system, often eliminating the need for water softeners. With the two stage system, a pre-filter removes floating particles (fecal material, turbidity, asbestos etc.) while a second exclusive silver impregnated granular activated carbon filter (patent pending) effectively reduces bacteria growth and other dangerous contaminents such as P.C.B.'s, dioxins and other poisonous chemicals.

Now, with this revolutionary system, your family can enjoy clean, healthy water for pennies a day. The system is designed for use in city, municipal and rural water supplies. There is even an effective compact system for apartment use.

The Iron Filter:

For well water with moderate amounts of iron, in its various forms the iron filter assures total removal of iron for better taste, smell and visual appearance of the water, plumbing fixtures and appliances.

The Chlorinator:

In tandem with our inique two-stage mainline filter, this is the answer to most well water applications. The chlorinator removes bacteria, iron, hydrogen sulfate (rotten egg odor), manganese, tannins, and many other contaminants.

Pure Water Machine

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

  • Makes Pure Water From Your Tap Water for all Your Drinking and Cooking Needs.
  • Advanced Reverse Osmosis Filter Removes all Contaminants.
  • Easy to Install Undersink Package
  • Better Quality and more Convenient than Bottled Water